Salaam Baalak Trust

While I was in Delhi in December I decided to take the Salaam Baalak City Walk Tour to find out more about the trust and how it helps Delhi’s street kids.

Our guide for the morning was Shahadutt who originally came to Delhi with his father and worked in a factory but got lost one day around New Delhi Station while searching for his brother.

He fell into the hands of a street gang and his that’s where his days on the street began. He was used by the gang to buy and sell drugs. Luckily for Shahdutt he was spotted by the Trust when he was around 10 years old and has been with them ever since. At first he was taken under the Trust’s care where he received support and education and he now works with them to help the kids still on the streets.

According to Shahadutt and the Salaam Baalak Trust 30 children everyday get lost in or around New Delhi Station, some of them never finding their way back to their parents or families. I still can’t quite believe that number. It’s staggering.

You can find out more about Salaam Baalak Trust here.

I’m giving 30% of profits from one of my books. More here

2010年12月、インドの首都デリーにいった間Salaam Baalak TrustのCity Walk Tourに参加しました。サラーム・バラック・トラストとはデリーのストリート・チルドレンのためのチャリテーや学校です。





Salaam Baalak Trustの詳しい情報はこちら。(英語)

India Risesの写真集の30%利益をSalaam Baalak Trustに募金します。興味あるかたは是非ご覧ください。こちら


Noticeboard for current missing children

The Trust's centre near the station.

Painting on the centre's wall

Kids during class

Shahadutt talking with the kids

Studying simple maths and English

Dream board - This is where the kids write about their future plans.


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