Two weeks ago I went to Tokyo to to take part in the Reminders Project event organized by Yumi Goto where I got to meet, chat with, and swap business cards with Shiho Fukada and James Whitlow Delano.

Shiho Fukada is probably my favourite photographer working today – I especially like her recent series of shots of the unemployed men in Osaka, and James’s Mercy Project is simply wonderful. It contains some of the most powerful photographs I’ve ever seen. I’m not exaggerating either. I bought the book on the spot and James was kind enough to sign it for me.

I went to Tokyo because I wanted to get a feel for the world of documentary photography because I’m hoping to take part in the Tokyo Documentary Photography Workshop in August. As long, of course, as my proposal for a project is accepted. Fingers crossed. James will be one of the instructors.

Before the Reminders Project event started I spent a few hours shooting random shots. I used to dislike Tokyo. Not anymore.

2週間前 Yumi Goto さんの「アジアと命、ビジュアル・ストーリーテリング」 に参加する為に東京に行きました。会場で Shiho Fukada さんや James Whitlow Delano さんと会いことができ、名刺交換もしました。とてもよい機会でした。

深田さんはおそらく写真世界で活動している写真家の中で一番好きと思います。特に大阪のホームレスたちのプロジェクト。Delanoさんの Mercy Project/命のプロジェクトもとても素晴らしい。Mercy写真集に集まった写真は写真の力や強さを明らかに見れます。

今回東京に行った理由は8月に行う Tokyo Documentary Photography Workshopに参加したいからです。フォトジャーナリズムの世界をもっと知るために「アジアと命、ビジュアル・ストーリーテリング」に参加したら、その世界を少しだけでも理解できるかなと思って・・・







8 thoughts on “Tokyo

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  2. I checked out Shiho Fukada because of this post. She has some really compelling images. I’m a bit perplexed about her post-processing though. All those fake vignettes and super-saturated colors take away from the impact sometimes. In the “Child Labor” gallery for example, it looked like the kids lived in some kind of Magical Land of Supercolor instead of horrible conditions. Same with the “China Earthquake > After a School Collapsed”; I found the boosted colors offensively inappropriate (such treatment belongs in travel brochures, not disaster/tragedy reportage). By contrast, the “China Earthquake > Children in Recovery” gallery, which is black and white, is incredibly powerful.

    Sorry for the rant, maybe I need to chill :). Anyway, good luck with your submission.

    • You’ve got a point. But who’s to say what colours are and aren’t offensive?
      Personally I don’t find her treatment offensive at all. I find the colour and vignettes she applies actually help draw the viewers eye to the subject, which in turn helps make the pain that the victims must have felt more apparent to the viewer.

      Cheers for commenting. I’m actually going to start the project I have in mind even if I don’t get accepted and I have the first meeting planned for this Saturday 🙂

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  4. It seems that you have reinvented yourself once again,
    as some kind of political activist, is there no end to your passion?

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