Mt. Norikura

Every year my friends and I cycle up Mt. Norikura – usually three times over a weekend. It’s one of the biggest mountains in the Japanese Alps and renowned among cyclists throughout the country. The summit, just over 3000m, is higher than anything the Tour de France usually goes over and it takes at least 17kms of continual climbing to get there.

Strange as it seems it’s usually one of the highlights of my year. I’m yet to discover anything that compares with the satisfaction of reaching the summit and the anticipation of the awesome decent that always awaits.

I took a film camera with me but it stopped working at the start of the climb. So I hid it in the bushes and relied on my iPhone.

By the way, we’ve just moved apartments so don’t have the Internet yet. Consequently this is post is directly from my iPhone.





10 thoughts on “Mt. Norikura

  1. Sean, If I’m lucky you might be up for another ride in a few months and I might be fit enough to make it 🙂
    These shot’s turned out great. I think if I climbed this my problem would be wanting to take the Hasselblad with me 🙂
    I’ve been inspired.

  2. Hey Sean
    Do you know when the Norikura Skyline closes for the winter. Im hoping it is still open in late sept / early Oct.
    Do you have any other blog posts that give a description of your bike?

    • Mt.Norikura officially closes around the 25th October but that obviously depends on the weather. I’m up for cycling up it again this year if you want to meet up and do it together. Sean Wood (Charlie’s mate) is interested too.

      My bike’s not important. I’ve seen so many different bikes, from road bikes, MTBs, touring bikes, and plenty more heading for the summit, and I’ve climbed it 10 times I think..

      • Yeah I would definitely be up for it. Sean Wood is the guy at Charlie’s leaving do taking the portraits yeah?
        I’m getting a new bike on Monday (if it’s ready by then) so it should be much better on the climb. I’m gonna use my single speed as an everyday bike and my new road bike for training rides.

      • What about the 1st or 2nd week of October?
        I’m not going to be fit but I’m up for giving it a shot.
        Need to figure out how to get there. Sean, will this need an over night stay?

  3. Anytime is fine. And an overnight stay (¥8000) is a decent option. We usually arrive on Saturday morning, go up to the summit and down the other side, and then up and down again back to the hotel.

    Then we eat and drink.

    On Sunday we go up to the top again and back to the hotel.

    I never feel more alive than when I’m descending Mt. Norikura. It’s higher than anything the Tour usually goes through.

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