Personally it’s not easy stopping to take photos when out cycling, but I think I’m getting the hang of it.

There’s something about exploring the countryside randomly on a bike that can’t be put into words so taking along a camera is a valid alternative.

I’m not sure why I like the photos below, or why you should either, but for some reason I do.

By the way, the images below don’t look sharp but if you click on them they do. Anybody know why?








6 thoughts on “Stopping

  1. Sean, sounds like the kind of thing I hope to do also this year. Try to stop a bit and shoot. Failing that I was thinking about a GoPro camera and shooting timelaps on rides and pick any good shots that I happened to get on the way. But that might be a way off 🙂
    I’ll be sticking to the iphone for now and hope I can force myself to stop now and again.

    The shots at a reduced size look fine on my machine.

    • Learning how to stop isn’t easy.

      I’ve started taking around my old Canon G12 (the only digital camera I have left). I set it to P, with the ISO set to Auto and just stop and shoot when I feel like it.

      I can be in the countryside in 5 minutes since we moved in the summer which makes it easier.

  2. I have started walking more, and it makes a big difference. I usually cycle a lot around the west of Nagoya but by the time you notice something, get the camera out, line it up, it’s all gone. I’m no cyclist as you know, but I do like riding a bike. It just doesn’t really go with photography….

  3. I absolutely love your photography! I’m from the States, in Japan for the summer, and really enjoyed reading your posts and looking at your photos. You do a wonderful job of capturing Japan (and all the other places you’ve been).

    I too am an avid cyclist, and always take a camera with me when I go for a long ride. Sometimes I stop, sometimes I take photos while riding–which most of the time come out blurry but every now and then I’ll get a gem.

    • Thank you.

      Japan is a wonderful place for photography and cycling. You just to get out of the cities.

      I’m planning on heading to the villages around Japan’s second largest volcano this weekend. Hopefully I’ll get a few decent shots.

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