Mt. Ontake (2)

More from Mt. Ontake. I’m really looking forward to hiking up in winter and exploring the nearby villages a lot more. I image it looks wonderful in the snow. I know it does from Inuyama, where I live, nearly 100kms away on crisp winter days.

御嶽山 冬に御嶽山でハイキングや近くの村を探検する事を楽しみにしています。雪の中の御嶽山はきっと奇麗。自分が住んでいるところ、100キロも離れている犬山市から見える冬の御嶽山は間違いなく美しい。山を本当に尊敬しています。








Leica M6 – Fuji Provia 100 / Fuji Instax 210


After returning from India I promised myself that I would try to see more of Japan, preferably by bicycle and with a camera. These are far from great shots – I have know idea how to take a good landscape – but it doesn’t matter. It’s the getting outdoors part that’s the most enjoyable.

I’m taking a week long trip to Shikoku next week to travel around both Kochi and Tokushima prefectures (I used to live in Tokushima) and to catch the wonderful Awa Odori for what I think will be my 5th time. I’ll be taking my Leicas, a huge Mamiya RB67 borrowed from Darren, and of course my bicycle(s).


今週末から四国の徳島県と高知県行きます (12年前に徳島に住んでいました)。阿波お踊りも見に行きます。これで五回目かもしれません。もちろん、ライカやDarrenから借りたマミヤRB67と自転車を持って行きます。






Slow Death

(The title is far more dramatic than I intended but it’s the only one I can think of at the moment)

There isn’t anything special about these photos. I’ve uploaded them because I think the Japanese countryside is one of the most beautiful places on the planet (if you give it a chance). Unfortunately it’s dying a very slow death and few people seem to care. The young people from the countryside are leaving for the big cities and only occasionally swap places with the youth from the big cities.

It’s depressing. It’s also frustrating.

Especially when you throw Fukushima into the equation. Why? Japan’s nuclear power plants are built either on the Pacific or Sea of Japan coast and quite often a stones throw away from similar scenery to this. Everything could be destroyed at any time, and it’s our own fault.

I try to spend as much time in the countryside as possible riding in the mountains. Taking a camera along is a bonus but nearly always worth it.