Japan’s third, or sometimes fourth biggest city depending on what figures you look at, has always stood in the shadow of Tokyo and Osaka, mostly for good reason.

But that’s what I like about it. In the shadow of its eastern and western neigbours Nagoya has nothing to live up to and that’s what makes it so accessible and easy to live in. Or in my case for the past 11 years, just across the city limits.


Light Leaks

I retired my last Holga after the summer trip to Cambodia. It’s a wonderful camera but the light leaks started getting out of control as you can see from the colour shot from Cambodia below.

But I’ve been itching to buy a new one recently and now would be a good time.

Nagoya, Japan

Siem Reap, Cambodia
Siem Reap

Lake Biwa, Japan

Haridwar, India